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Interview of Sabrina Guthier

Could you introduce yourself a little, talk a bit about your background?

My name is Sabrina Guthier, I am 33 years old and love and live in Karlsruhe. Full-time I work as a clerk for IT controlling in a power company. In my spare time I am working a lot with photography, that makes me really happy.

When, how and why did you begin to make photography?

Since the age of 16, photography is part of me. Before, I was more often front of the camera mostly for sentimental or even commercial images. Later, shortly before my 30th birthday, I went behind the lens.
I always had some idea of the beautiful photography.
It is important to me that the person can express her / himself as she / he really is.
The personality is what I love to capture.

What do you like in this form of expression?

I've always been a very observer person. I really love watching people, their behaviors.
With photography, I have the opportunity to capture those moments with my sense of aesthetics and emotions.

What are the themes that you like to photograph?

When I started I fell in love with portrait photography that is where my focus is on … soft and candid shots. Each shoot is different because each person is different. Just the intense sharing with people in front of my camera is very exciting for me. I love to work with women, only women have this tenderness, fragility and sensuality. No matter what age, what physique they are simply unique. I work mainly with available natural light. That is what attracts me most because it is so multi-faceted.

What are you looking to share through your photography?

Through my work I am speaking to the viewer, I want to show him my value of feelings, sensuality and inner beauty. Everyone has a very special, sensual, soulful or fragile side. I want to captivate the viewer.

What is your idea of sensuality?

Sensuality is devotion, the experience of senses and emotions.

What photographers fascinate and / or inspire you?

There are an incredible number of fascinating and wonderful photographers who inspire me, especially Russian photographers who are masters of light. I am really in love with the pictures by Jan Scholz and Hannes Caspar. Their images are usually reduced to the people and their use of natural light always fascinates me. I also like Sylwia Makris, her portraits are really intense. The viewer has the feeling to be looked at directly.

How do you prepare a session of shooting?

The preparation for a photo shoot is always different. In my soulful photography there are no big and elaborate preparations. If the model and the location are fixed, mostly everything is very straightforward. Trust is the most important basis in a shoot for me. People in front of my camera need to feel comfortable and safe. Only if this certain trust is present, even soulful, sensual moments can be done and captured photographically.

What (s) camera (s) do you use ?

I use for my digital photography the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III and the Canon EOS M.

What (s) techniques do you prefer?

I do not use any specific techniques. I love to work with available light and it is really important for me to have a trusting atmosphere.

How and why did your photography changed?

I think every photographer is experiencing a kind of self-discovery phase. I think I'm just at the beginning; there are still so many new and interesting things to learn. Often I learn many new things during my photo shoots and thus I change again and again something in my photography. It would be boring to do every time the same thing in photograph ... I love to make experiments ... because photography has so many sides.

What brings you the internet media?

On the internet, I’ve found many amazing artists and some of them have become good friends of mine. I spend a lot of time on the Internet regarding my photography. The internet provides the opportunity to share myself with like-minded people. Every day I look at pictures and I read some news, so I can educate myself. I also have the opportunity to find an audience and communicate with them.

What do you expect from a website like Sensual Photography?

I love this website. There are so many wonderful artist and pictures. It is so exciting to browse through the portfolio. Here you can find a special selection of sensual pictures and photographers. This kind of photography touches me!

What are your plans?

I really want to get in touch with analogue photography, that’s so exciting! I am actively preparing my future workshop together with a good friend of mine and I want to photograph more weddings. Because love and life are the most beautiful things of the world and I want to be a special part of it.

What would you add?

Maybe the opportunity to get more in touch with each other. Annual meetings or photo travels at a high level.

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