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Interview of Entre l'Aube & l'Aurore

A course graduated of experiments and knowledge with continual evolution towards the perfection: an unusual journey for some, sown obstacles, a probable therapy which vitalizes its photographs. They deserve that one is delayed there and one does not leave indifferent after to have seen them

The experiment of the model:

Already an affection for photography, Aurore began photography at the 12 years age, being put in scene, accepting the installation in many circumstances. It is the age of unconcern, it takes much pleasure. As much of young women who become adult, it evolves like model in its area of Brittany: “'I launched out seriously in this adventure of model”'! A questioning towards the score on best knowing and to give free course to its ideas. And it goes! It posed for large photographers of the Northern Region of France. It takes part intensely in shots passion, organizes photo, active days in the medium of the local photograph: comes then the moment from the positioning of oneself !

Aurore passes behind the device :

A turn after these years as a model, while answering this simple matter knowing if the place that it held were well his ! The catches of sights are not with its image, which she sees of her is not the design of photography such that she thinks it ! It passes behind the objective! So much an obviousness ! “The camera is a natural extension of my art, which makes it possible to express me. Eternal dissatisfied, she only learns, I look at, I detail my images to arrive to perfection”. During 6 years, it is contained in its imaginary as a practitioner of the interior photograph: self-portrait, catches of sights with its close relations and the models which want to collaborate well.

A specific technique to your preparation of the meeting ?

I prepare the meeting with the model. I give him some personal instructions, I make him discover the places, the accessories, if it of A.I explains there what I wish and which are the results that I consider: it is an intimate collaboration! I am meticulous person and attentive towards the model, as can the perfectionist being it which I am !

Sequence of catches of sights :

After the period self-portrait, the models take the continuation and Dawn carries out continuations by behaviorist studies. “Is this the reflection of my own posture? Probably is to the spectators to say it ! Not a photograph does not resemble another”. It always shows its photographs with some autodidacts to affirm the veracity of its choice. Small ten selected finally will fill it satisfaction.

To produce, but also to show :

A joint project step to light” that which to prepare an exposure with the girls, its models, from some 20 photos at Gallery POD in Brest at Jean-Christophe. What is visible on Sensual Photography is already a beautiful sample: a very major, very prepared personal composition. Tormented photograph, interrogation, but which releases well much sensitivity beyond the sensuality.

Maintenance of Aurore granted to Michel Hénot for Sensual Photography

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