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Interview of Katarina Grajcarikova

Could you introduce yourself a little, talk a bit about your background?

I have no photographic education, but my childhood hobby became my job.... so I make living by photographing ...

When, how and why did you begin to make photography?

My first experience with photography began when I was about 14 years old and my sister’s son was born and I received the title "family photographer". Then I started to take pictures of everything around me.
What do you like in this form of expression? I express my inner life in a picture, what I like and especially I express my emotions that I do not know how to express in any other way.

What are the themes that you like to photograph?

I went through various themes over 16 years. I've tried landscapes, nature details, macro, animals, but I ended up with portraits, child stylized photography and my main theme is the act photography.

What are you looking to share through your photography?

By sharing my photos on the internet I see reactions of unbiased audience and their feelings when they look at the photo ... if their feelings match those I wanted to express through the photo ... I used to crave for criticism, especially when I still knew nothing about the art of photography. Now I have grasped technique so I only express what I feel and what's in my head.

What is your idea of sensuality?

My main motive for taking photos of sensuality is tenderness and gentleness of female soul in connection with erotic view of the female body as I consider sensual. I'm a sensitive and introvert being, I love tenderness, tickling erotica, mystery and emotion of any kind.

What photographers fascinate and / or inspire you?

A lot, but the one who dragged me into the world of photography was Robert Vano, who opened my horizons and perception of a photography as an art ... others who influenced me were Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and from the contemporary Jan Saudek, Tereza z Davle and others.

How do you prepare a session of shooting?

First of all, I meet a model and secondly I choose a place where I will take pictures and then I let my imagination work :)

What (s) camera (s) do you use ?

I mostly use Nikon D700 digital SLR camera with two lenses that I alternate.

What (s) techniques do you prefer?

Natural light and emotive music are my technique.

How and why did your photography changed?

Post-processing is also my favorite activity, I create feelings in photography also on PC.

What brings you the internet media?

The internet is the best way how can my work reach the people.

What do you expect from a website like Sensual Photography?

My expectations are huge ... See my photos among those amazing pictures on Sensual-Photography is an honor and a great pleasure for me ... I always anxiously wait if the administrators take my photo or not. And, of course, photos of other authors inspire me and enrich me.

What are your plans?

Take pictures, take pictures, take pictures and be a good photographer ... but I’ve reached my dream, the photography is my main occupation. My dream came true!

What would you add?

There is always a room for improvement, I'm learning every day and experience is the best school. Try and fail, that’s how it works :)
Thank you for the opportunity to say something about what fulfills me through sensual-photography. I'm honored and I love sensual-photography.eu!

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