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1 - I am an adult, aged at least 18 years old or old enough to view adult content from the country in which I reside when visiting

2 - I will not hold responsible for content inappropriate for an under-age public.

3 - I will not hold in any way responsible for the site's contents.

4 - You are fully responsible for the content published on You certify that you are therefore in possession of the rights to use the work transmitted and the rights to the image of the person represented therein.
People photographed must be FULL AGE. We reserve the right to request proof majority before publication on the website

5 - Use of the features of this website is at your own risk. No guarantees of any kind can be demanded. None of the the warranties concerning the ownership, safeguard, destruction, injury, market value, and limitations apply to, its creators, administrators, partners or suppliers.

6 - reserves the right to suspend and / or delete images, texts or comments without explanation, without justification and without notice in order to optimize the website in qualitative, visual or technical terms.

7 - I have read and accepted the terms of use in their entirety. Upon registration, you signify your full acceptance of the terms and conditions


Before submitting your photographs on-sensual is a website dedicated to the sensual feminine photography; any photography off-topic will be deleted without notice.

- The publication of explicit nude photographs must be justified by their aesthetics or the emotion they create.
- Photographs of a pornographic nature will be deleted without notice.
- Texts or comments not respecting the person photographed or of a defamatory nature will be removed.
- Members not complying with the ethics of are liable to permanent suspension.
- Avoid duplication or photographs of the same series that are too similar.
- Do not post images for which you do not hold no rights of use.
- Files sent must have a minimum size of 800px and a maximum size of 1200 px, and must not exceed 400 kb.
- Optimize your images before sending them to the website in order to avoid too long a transfer time.
- Make sure processing is optimized (density, contrast, color, black and white).
- Signatures are allowed but must be discreet.
- Avoid the edge effects used by image editing software.
- Do not frame or thread your images.

The images do not respect these rules may be refused by the administrators without prior notice or justification, in order to maintain the editorial line of

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