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How to publish a photograph on sensual-photography.eu

- You must be a registered member to post a photograph on the website.
- You must have rights to the image to publish it.

1 - Connect by clicking on "CONNEXION" and enter your email address and password. Once connected, your avatar will appear instead of "CONNEXION".

2 - Click on your avatar and then click the link "Your account".

3 - Click on "PHOTOS"

4 - In the "Add a new photograph," click on "Browse ... ". A window opens with the contents of your computer, choose the file in JPG format and click "Open".
CAUTION: The files must be in JPG format; any other format will result in a failed transfer. Also, before transferring the file, check it has the right size (minimum 800px, maximum 1200px).

5 - Enter the title of your photograph (required) and description (optional). Click on "Send".

6 - After a few seconds your image appears at the bottom of the page with an red dot, meaning that your photo is awaiting approval by an administrator. Once your image has been approved, it will automatically go online.

To manage the flow of images, the administrator may delay the posting of your(s) photograph(s) in order to allow time for pictures to be seen in good conditions on the website.

If you have "Auto-validation" status, your image is automatically approved, but the date of online publication will be based on the existing image stream at the time of transfer.

Your image and text, to be validated, must satisfy the editorial line of this website respecting the dignity of the woman.

A photographer and model both registered on Sensual Photography can not submit the same photo.

Selection of photo by administrators

Your photo may be selected by our administrators.This selection marks, from their point of view, the quality of your work

It aims to highlight the best photographs, which are automatically recognized by the superposition of a small yellow square on the gallery thumbnails.

If your photo is selected, it will also be highlighted in the animated header on the homepage of the sensual-photography.eu website.

At the end of each year, all the images selected during the previous year may be published in a book sold by subscription.

In this case, applications for reproduction rights and copyright will be discussed. You will of course be entitled to refuse to participate in the publication. If you accept, you will be required to supply your photo with a sufficient resolution for printing.

How to add an avatar?

1 - You must be a member of sensual-photography.eu

2 - When connected, access your account. Click on "YOUR ACCOUNT" then on "Browse ... ". Choose the photo on your computer that you want to send (minimum 800px, max 1200px). A square format is preferred, however. Then click on "Update."

Your avatar will be automatically updated throughout the website.

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