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Interview of Rocco Photography

Could you introduce yourself a little, talk a bit about your background?

My name is Rocco Ezzahraoui. I came to tell you that I love photography.

When, how and why did you begin to make photography?

Since my childhood I liked the colors. I've always drawn and never thought about the photo.
4 years ago, I was told this joke that changed my life:
An outdoor painter trying to draw a landscape. A man who observes him for a moment comes and says,
"Hey man! Listen ... Why do you rack our brains? Buy a camera! "
It is there, it all began.

What do you like in this form of expression?

Contact with people, different personalities ... There is always a story.

What are the themes that you like to photograph?

Portraits are my great passion ... but also the artistic nude.

What are you looking to share through your photography?

An abstract journey into the world of sensuality and authenticity.

What is your idea of sensuality?

Sensuality is everywhere. This is something you can not describe like that ... without feeling it … reallyl!

What photographers fascinate and / or inspire you?

My photos are inspired by movies, art paintings, especially their content, their drama ... their light ...! The great photographers also inspire me but that does not mean to imitate them: as Ruven Afanador, Christian Coigny, David Hamilton, Rodney Smith, Steven Meisel.

How do you prepare a session of shooting?

First of all find a model that inspires me ... the place is not important to me ... The work should proceed in an atmosphere of confidence.

What (s) camera (s) do you use ?

A Nikon D800.

What (s) techniques do you prefer?

Nothing special. Always digital ... light ... and never in the studios.

How and why did your photography changed?

All my time is devoted to the photo ... I work a lot ... I'm looking for new sources of inspiration ... and thanks to that, my vision, my style change after each project.

What brings you the internet media?

Internet is for me a window on the world of art and photography ... It's a way to share my photos and share my vision, my opinion with other photographers ... some of them have become good friends.

What do you expect from a website like Sensual Photography?

The website has become a second home for me ... I consult it almost every day, always new and different emotional pictures selected.

What are your plans?

There are major projects ... The real art projects that I want to achieve ... to say that I am a photographer.

What would you add?

I want to say a big thank you for your help for everything you do for us and for photography ... You are doing a great job that allows artists to express themselves and present their work.

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