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Interview of Patrice Delmotte

Could you introduce yourself a little, talk a bit about your background?

I was born in Roubaix in 1951. My parents were shopkeepers and workers like all those people in the north of France. Luckily, I took the opportunity to work in Taiwan for a stay planned for 6 months and has now lasted over 32 years. I met Amy, my wonderful wife who has helped and supported me in my professional life as in my passion for photography.

When, how and why did you begin to make photography?

8 years ago, two very dear friends, gave me for my birthday a small "pocket" digital. The discovery of this technology and power programs such as Photoshop, gave me back a taste of creation that I lost by coming to Taiwan. Indeed kid I loved to draw, but this vocation ended when I told my father that I wanted to do arts and he put me in a business school ... Then my professional life took me all my time. But this passion will occupy very well my retirement!

What do you like in this form of expression?

The very great facility to express beauty.

What are the themes that you like to photograph?

The feminine body is certainly the most beautiful landscape to explore. The street also attracts me.

What are you looking to share through your photography?

I do not know ... I've never tried to conceptualize my work. Maybe just share the pleasure I feel through my passion.

What is your idea of sensuality?

Sensuality like beauty, is found everywhere in nature, just take your time, watch and open his mind. Light, a word, an object can be as much as a body. If we talk about a nude photo, or a nude who is guessing … or suggested will certainly be more sensual than a crude nude.

What photographers fascinate and / or inspire you?

Helmut Newton, Man Ray, Bill Brant, Henri Cartier Bresson, Araki, Julia Margaret Cameron and so many others ...

How do you prepare a session of shooting?

With a few quick sketches for studio sessions ... But soon the movement or light take over and guide the lens.

What (s) camera (s) do you use ?

Canon 5D mark II

What (s) techniques do you prefer?

Chiaroscuro which must be a reminiscence of the light of the country of Flanders, then the movement. Regarding the art, I have little... But it really does not bother me and sometimes leads my cameras in extremes delightful.

How and why did your photography changed?

I continue to explore the light and learn, while trying to keep a lot of humility and curiosity.

What brings you the internet media?

Fellowship with other friends photographers and lovers of photography. Learn by watching the work of others.

What do you expect from a website like Sensual Photography?

Nothing more than what Sensual Photography offers to me today. Everything is very well ordered and harmonious. Communion is perfect. Perhaps a monthly theme further consolidates this communion?

What are your plans?

The launch of a gallery in Bali, opened to amateur photographers in which will be selling the best pictures. A third photo workshop with the theme: "Bali exotic sensuality", also opened to amateurs and beginners with studies of different lights in studio and natural light. An exhibition on dance in February 2014.

What would you add?

Very big thanks to Nicole and François for their excellent work in Sensual Photography.

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