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Release date: 2012-06-07
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 Charlie Mawardi (june 07, 2012)

thanks Nicole... :D


 Otonk Photography (june 07, 2012)

kantuik lah
pas yg mode mode iko waak ndak ado di tawarkan (T.T)


 Charlie Mawardi (june 08, 2012)

Otonk : hahahahaha kakak waktu itu dimna??? hahahahaha


 Rendi Yulio (july 21, 2012)

wow ganass kk,ndk ajak" salah nyo


 Frédéric Leschallier (july 29, 2012)

great graphic emotion !


 Charlie Mawardi (june 07, 2012)

Thanks Dear Nicole... ♥


 Charlie Mawardi (june 07, 2012)

Thanks dear nicole...

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