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Release date: 2013-01-13
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 Sylwia Łakoma - slw (april 24, 2013)

You have amazing photos!!!

 Daniele Deriu (april 24, 2013)

Oh, thank you Sylwia... :)


 Hugo Adametes (july 16, 2013)

No words, but ty :)

 Daniele Deriu (july 17, 2013)

Thanks Hugo... :)


 Fabio Keiner (january 09, 2014)

fantastic work

 Daniele Deriu (january 09, 2014)

Thank you... Happy to see you here, Fabio... :)


 Hubert Porrez (january 28, 2019)

questa foto è una meraviglia!


 Jürgen Beuren (january 14, 2013)

…great shot. Congrats!

 Daniele Deriu (january 14, 2013)

Many thanks Jürgen... :)

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Daniele Deriu (Italy)
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