Blushing Seen 1235 times - Favourite: 6

Model: Paulina Łangowska

photo got a H M in International Polish Competition organized by

another H M in Woman's Metaphysics Competition by

Release date: 2012-05-16
Photo selected by the administrators: yes

Copyright © Sylwester Zacheja (Poland), All rights reserved.
This photograph cannot be used without the written consent of its author.


 Sylwester Zacheja (may 16, 2012)

Thanks Nicole :)


 Carmen Spitznagel (may 17, 2012)

wonderful work, i love it!


 Arien (may 22, 2012)

Piękne!!!! BEAUTIFUL!


 Elżbieta Derlaga (june 03, 2012)

beautiful ! piękne i delikatne


 Israel Denadai (june 09, 2012)

Nice colors!


 Anastasiy Mikhaylov (july 02, 2012)

Nice work!

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Sylwester Zacheja (Poland)
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