Bali Dance 1 Seen 1150 times - Favourite: 2

Model: Hanie

Release date: 2013-01-03
Photo selected by the administrators: no

Copyright © Patrice Delmotte (Taiwan, province of china), All rights reserved.
This photograph cannot be used without the written consent of its author.


 Samaya (january 03, 2013)

Un univers qui me parle, qui m'enveloppe,
Un univers où je plonge avec plaisir!!!!!


 Patrice Delmotte (january 04, 2013)

Nous t'attendons a Bali :-)


 Mark William Tikoalu (january 15, 2013)

Love this shoot, specialy the light. Great work.

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Patrice Delmotte (Taiwan, province of china)
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